Dear readers, I have a very good excuse for being M.I.A.

A fancy restaurant? An exclusive tour? A visit with distant relatives? All BF Shoes told me was to keep the Monday of our Washington D.C. trip free.

Nothing could bring me down during this vacation. So when BF Shoes presented me with the first clue for a Scavenger Hunt he created, I was already thrilled. That Monday would lead us to new places around the nation’s capital.

Awwww how freakin’ cute you may say. True, true– it melted my heart. Awww how freakin’ suspicious you might also add. No, not at all. This type of thing was just another act of love. After 2.5 years of Geocaching, hiking off-beaten paths, chasing hidden treasure, or even sending “missing you” hand drawn comics to each other I never tired of it. This was another chance to share a cool experience with my BF! Where’s my bike?

But the day went horribly wrong! It didn’t go according to MY mind’s plan. Ah haha just kidding. It went BETTER than I’d hoped. I recorded most of the time and… wait… how about I stop typing and you just watch it yourself.

Secretly I’m further enamored of BF Shoes by the WAY he proposed- very fitting of our relationship. (Bwahaha I swear if he had merely asked via pretty surroundings or during a fancy dinner I would’ve questioned why he didn’t ‘go beyond his comfort zone’ for us… ah ha you see my thoughts on those type of proposals)

I am honored, proud, thrilled; ARGH it’s very difficult to be a wanna-be writer and have words be inadequate for describing a feeling. My heart is bursting but not all its thoughts are making it to my fingers. I am ready to grow old and chase wheelchairs with this funny, talented, intelligent, and awkwardly likable guy. I can’t wait to wake up to his face, burn a dinner in the oven, or give him hair cuts… happily forever.

My nickname for him can’t be ‘BF Shoes’ anymore… what should I do?


Dear readers– I know it seems I was just writing about New Orleans a short while ago. How did I get to Washington D.C.? This new chapter in my life has temporarily disrupted many things, but please allow me to celebrate and meditate on these awesome blessings that have suddenly taken over. I am happy to share this moment with you and please pray for my relationship as I only hope it grows stronger from here on out.

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