More than 8 weeks since my last eczema vlog… I’ve barely ‘scratched’ the surface! (ohhh no time for puns). My sister Melkshake—who (like me) has had eczema since the toddler days—has been one of my biggest skin supporters and sympathizers. We’d complain about the ‘coconut oil’ evangelizers, share gluten-free dishes, and hiss at each other if we saw the other’s nails begin that delicious back and forth dance.

Then suddenly, Melkshake was wearing shorts in public one day then baring her middle in another. Meanwhile, I was desperately trying to avoid looking like a Bible saleswoman. At the suggestion of her dermatologist, Melkshake had completed a months-long clinical trial for an eczema-reducing experimental drug. Once a week she received an injection… what did she have to lose? I mean- besides sharing in my latest gluten-free cookie fail.

These shorts will motivate me to show my legs [I'm on an Eczema Clinical Trial | PyraDannyExperiences.com]
Is there such a thing as #EczemaGoals? Well… these pink shorts are!
Jealousy is a good motivator. And my jealousy towards her new wardrobe choices is how I found myself making it rain with vials of my blood for testing at her dermatology office. My sister’s study was finished but there was a new one taking place. The doctor merely glanced at me before declaring, “She qualifies!” I guess my preparation of a song and dance about my skin routine would go unheard!

But in order to begin the trial treatment, I had to be off my immunusuppresent medicine CellCept for four weeks. The doctor said I was on such a low dosage anyway he was surprised that I had even improved since beginning CellCept. I didn’t question it. In more than a year’s time I had turned my life around to take care of my skin in addition to that medication yet things were still far from ideal. What was I missing?

Would this trial give me the boost I needed?

Organized by the company Pfizer, the daily pills I’d take would supposedly block the enzymes responsible for causing eczema, California wildfires and third-born children. Any of pills could be a placebo.

Eczema Clinical Trial Experimental Drug [I'm on an Eczema Clinical Trial | PyraDannyExperiences.com]
This is just one packet from the eczema experimental drug clinical trial I’m on. I say, “oooooooooo”
So… it’s been four weeks since I decided to donate my stomach to science. There’s been some improvement on the skin front— I’m still itchy AF: neck, arms and legs- but at least my skin isn’t breaking and there’s way less flaking. But that’s how it was at the beginning of the trial. There’s still a bit of sleep loss. So… eh… is it rude to be impatient?

I still have two more months of this. Stay tuned since I want to share all the other details involved with this trial—more than just the pills!

Are you undergoing an eczema clinical trial drug or have been through one? Or comments and questions? Hit me up!

I’m not a medical or health professional; just a young lady who’s had eczema since birthday uno. It was manageable until late 2014 when my skin took a nose-dive. Since then I’ve immersed myself in finding a non-topical steroid way to manage it. Check out my EczeMAD page and videos for more.

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